Rules and Regulations 

  1. All games selections will be on a match play basis. Home win, Draw and Away win. All games will be based on the 90 minutes plus the extra few minutes that the Referree adds on. Extra time and such is not included at all.
  2. All 30 selections must be filled in. Selections must be checked before submission. Selections cannot be changed or cancelled once being submitted.
  3. All games selected will have started play within 12am on the Saturday and 12.00 pm on the Sunday evening.
  4. All times will be according to South African time.
  5. Submissions available from Tuesday 12.00 am till 11.59 am on Saturday.
  6. All players must be active to be able to play per week. To be active you must have paid your subscription in advance for the month.
  7. Selections for that week end will be able to be viewed anytime and as many times the player wants to between Tuesdays 12.00 am till Saturday 11.50am.
  8. Selections will cut off at 12.00 noon on every Saturday. If submissions are not completed by the cut off time then it will be treated as a no selection option and treated as per point 19. There will be no late bets entertained at all.
  9. To allow for computer interfacing, the computer cut off will at 12.00 on each Saturday.
  10. All correct selections will receive 1 point, obviously with a maximum of 30 points per week. All incorrect selections will receive no points.
  11. Abandoned or games not completed will be treated as not played and all selections for that game correct or incorrect will be treated as null and void and no points well be awarded.
  12. Points awarded to the players will be allocated to both predictions competitions.
  13. There will be a weekly bet and a cumulative bet.
  14. The weekly bet will have 4 winners. The players with the highest attained points for that week end will be adjudged the winners and will receive their prize. Should more than 4 players tie for the first 4 players, then the payouts will be equalled out amongst the winners equally.
  15. All players correctly predicting the outcome of all 30 games will all be paid. The will be no limit to how many are being paid in this instance.
  16. The second competition is a cumulative bet which will run for the full duration of the overseas English Premier Division.
  17. The Cumulative Prize will be adjudged based on the top 25 weeks attained by each participant. Should the participant only have played in less than 25 weeks, then whatever they attained for those weeks will be attributed to their Cumulative tally.
  18. The Cumulative bet will have 3 winners. Prizes will be equal for all 3 and will be a trip overseas over a week end for the following season to see their chosen team play a home match within the first 2 months of that season. The prize will include Return Flights, Airport taxes, Accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis, Match Ticket and a Sportscall trophy. This prize will be over a week end. Leaving Friday Night and returning on the Monday morning.
  19. Should no selections be made for that week end, then the non player will rewarded with the equivalent amount of points awarded to the lowest amount of points being attained for that week end. This is purely to suffice for the cumulative competition. This principle will be followed for as long as the player remains active.
  20. Weekly Winners will have the option to have their winnings paid out to them immediately or have the winnings offset the balance of the season’s commitment.
  21. Debit orders or direct deposits will be accepted. Time must allow having the funds cleared so that the player can then be made active.
  22. All players must be 18 or older and must have past the regulatory Fica & Fais requirements as set by the Gambling Board.
  23. All results used will be as of those advertised on FLASHSCORE.COM at 10am on the Monday after the respective week-end. That will be the result used irrespective of any changes imposed by UEFA or any other football association related to that game or games.
  24. The subscription contributes to the weekly, cumulative and operating costs.
  25. The formation of the games chosen for each week will take into account games available, Internationals week, competitive games and discretion used by Sportscall Back Office.
  26. The period for the 2 competitions will be based on the English Premiership Period for the 2017/2018 season.
  27. In the event of a grammatical error be made, then Sportscall will correct the error as soon as it has been made aware of it.
  28. Under no circumstance will a change in teams or home allocation be made once the viewing period (12.00 on the Tuesday) has commenced. Thus if the Home team is actually playing away then the punter must play according to his prediction of the outcome of the game.