League Games 


League. Game No. Date. Time. Home Team Away Team. Description.
Portugal Soccer '1' 26/09/2021 19:00 Santa Clara Braga 14th versus 8th. Braga are a good away team to pick for the win.
Spain La Liga '2' 25/09/2021 21:00 Real Madrid Villarreal 2nd versus 15th. Real Madrid will be looking good for these 3 points.
Spain La Liga '3' 26/09/2021 14:00 Mallorca Osasuna 10th versus 6th. Will be a hard call to make here but Osasuna are a fair travelling side.
Spain La Liga '4' 26/09/2021 18:30 Rayo Vallecano Cadiz 8th versus 13th. Vallecano seems to have the edge here in this encounter,
Scotland Premier '5' 26/09/2021 16:00 Celtic Dundee Utd Celtic will be hard to stop at home.
Italy Series A '6' 25/09/2021 18:00 Inter Atalanta 1st versus 10th. Inter will be looking good but Atalanta can get something here.
Italy Series A '7' 26/09/2021 15:00 Udinese Fiorentina 5th versus 6th. Close call here.
Italy Series A '8' 26/09/2021 18:00 Lazio AS Roma 9th versus 2nd. Lazio will be a handfull for AS Roma. No easy game here.
French Lique 1 '9' 26/09/2021 13:00 Bordeaux Rennes 14th versus 11th. How do you see this panning out ?
French Lique 1 '10' 26/09/2021 15:00 Troyes Angers 15th versus 3rd. Angers will be looking for all 3 points.
French Lique 1 '11' 26/09/2021 17:00 Clermont Monaco 6th versus 17th. Clermont looking for another Lique 1 win.
German Bundesliga '12' 25/09/2021 18:30 Moenchengladbach` Dortmund 15th versus 4th. Can Moenchengladbach get a point out of this match ?
German Bundesliga '13' 26/09/2021 15:00 Bochum Stuttgart 17th versus 12th. Bochum needs to start winning and getting points. This could be their 2nd win.
German Bundesliga '14' 26/09/2021 17:30 Freiburg Augsburg 5th versus 11th. Freiburg will be looking for all 3 points here.
Swiss Super League '15' 26/09/2021 16:30 Basel Zurich Basel will hard to stop at home.
Holland Eredivisie '16' 25/09/2021 16:30 Willem 11 PSV 5the versus 2nd. Good game with PSV being the favourites.
English Championships '17' 25/09/2021 16:00 Bristol City Fulham 9th versus 2nd. Good game to be had.
English Championships '18' 25/09/2021 16:00 Swansea City Huddersfield 21st versus 7th. Swansea are better than 21st but are they good enough to beat Huddersfield ?
English Championships '19' 25/09/2021 16:00 Nottingham Millwall 24th versus 18th. Battle for survival starts now.
English Championships '20' 25/09/2021 16:00 Blackburn Cardiff City 6th versus 10th. Blackburn will be favourites here at home.
South African PSL '21' 25/09/2021 15:00 Orlando Pirates Mamelodi Sundowns Great South African derby. Can go either way.
English Premier '22' 25/09/2021 13:30 Chelsea Manchester City Top echolon clash. Will be a great game for the neutrals.
English Premier '23' 25/09/2021 13:30 Manchester United Aston Villa Manchester United will be looking for all 3 points. They need to stay at the top of the table.
English Premier '24' 25/09/2021 16:00 Leeds West Ham 17th versus 8th. Will be a hard encounter. West Ham will be looking for the 3 points.
English Premier '25' 25/09/2021 16:00 Watford Newcastle 11th versus 18th. Watford look likely winners here.
English Premier '26' 25/09/2021 16:00 Leicester Burnley 12th versus 19th. Home side will have the edge here.
English Premier '27' 25/09/2021 16:00 Everton Norwich Everton will be looking for all 3 points here.
English Premier '28' 25/09/2021 18:30 Brentford Liverpool 9th versus 1st. Can Brentford beat Liverpool at home ? Hard call but it can be done with teams riding high.
English Premier '29' 26/09/2021 15:00 Southampton Wolves 15th versus 16th. On last weeks showing Southampton will be hard to beat at home.
English Premier '30' 26/09/2021 17:30 Arsenal Tottenham London Bragging rites again. 13th versus 7th. Arsenal are now on a roll. Are They ?